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Our   barrel   saunas   manufacturing   is   located   in   Northern   Ontario   and   is   constructed   as   part   of   the   art   of   handcrafted   barrel   making     known   as   Coopering.      The   Coopering   process   is   a   2000   year   old   profession   that   will   permit   a   two   person   team   to   utterly   create   a unique master piece. As we now create the perfect Canadian Barrel sauna.    These   barrels   are   manufactured   directly   by   a   family   owned   business   who   has   been   building   barrel   saunas   for   decades.   Precisely made   saunas   with   TRUE   bent   stave   wood.      Most   manufacturers   build   simple   tubes   or   cylinder   shape   saunas,   however   a   true   barrel, as   the   name   implies,   has   a   larger   diameter   in   the   center   than   at   either   end,   with   the   classic   shape   everyone   instantly   recognizes   as   a barrel.   More   spacious   inside   and   will   offer   an   additional   dimension   to   your   sauna   experience.   Dare   to   compare   our   saunas   to   the competitors, you will instantly see the difference. Imagine   yourself      enjoying   the   luxury   of   a   barrel   sauna   with   friend   and/or   family.   Next   to   the   SPA,   these   barrels   are   unique   and perfectly   made   to   last,   the   shape   itself   is   made   to   resist   leaky   roof   tops   and   heavy   snow.   You   will   not   regret   having   one   of   our   barrel saunas.
The     6'     sauna     may     look     small     but     it     offers     many     huge advantages.   It's   coopered   design   offers   plenty   of   headroom   for people   over   6'   and   suitable   for   up   to      4   adults   or   for   2   adults   to stretch   out   and   relax   making   it   the   perfect   couples   sauna.      The coopered   shape   also   helps   keep   weight   down   making   the   6' easy   to   move.   Its   smaller   design   makes   it   fit   into   tight   yard layouts.

6' Coopered Barrel Sauna

Sale Price $4,995. 

Includes Harvia Electric Heater or Wood burning Stove.

8' Coopered Barrel Sauna

Our    most    popular    model        is    the    8'    sauna,    its    strict    cooper design     offers     superior     heat     circulation     compared     to     the traditional   designs   of   square   saunas.      Unique   piano   key   style seating   and   removable   flat   floor   make   it   the   perfect   place   to relax.
Includes Harvia Electric Heater or Wood burning Stove.

Sale Price $5,995. 

The   10'   sauna   is   our   largest   model.   It’s   unique   stave   design maximizes   the   height   and   width   to   make   a   limitless   layouts possible.   Pre-assembled   by   master   coopers,   these   are   one   of   a kind.   Our   saunas   are   constructed   with   premium   red   cedar   so     they   look   and   smell   great.   Cedar   is   a   popular   choice   for   barrel construction;   it’s   aromatic   and   contains   no   natural   toxins,   and it’s    bacterial    and    fungal    resistant.    It    is    also    lightweight    and dimensionally    stable    so    it    holds    up    to    the    weather    without bowing or sagging.

Sale Price $7,995. 

Includes Harvia Electric Heater or Wood burning Stove.

10' Coopered Barrel Sauna

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